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BOOK RELEASE: Jackie Tileston included in Two X Two X Twenty - Celebrating Contemporary Art at the DMA

September 19, 2018 - Dallas Museum of Art

TWO X TWO X TWENTY celebrates the 20th anniversary of TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art, an annual art auction hosted by Cindy and Howard Rachofsky with proceeds equally benefitting the DMA and amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research...

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Jackie Tileston Paintings acquired by the Philadelphia Museum of Art

September 18, 2018

Jackie Tileston News - In early 2018 the Philadelphia Museum of Art acquired three paintings by Jackie Tileston. The three paintings were created during the Artists-in-Residence Program at the Joan Mitchell Foundation in the Spring of 2017. Tileston previously was a grant recipient in 2011...

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PRESS RELEASE: Jackie Tileston - Instructions for Dissolution in November

September 17, 2018 - Holly Johnson Gallery

Holly Johnson Gallery in Dallas is pleased to announce the opening of Jackie Tileston: Instructions for Dissolution, an exhibition of new paintings and works on paper. An opening reception for the artist will be held November 17, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. The exhibition continues through Saturday, January 26, 2019. 

Jackie Tileston's paintings are heterotopic spaces in which diverse strategies and nomadic thinking create complex images that investigate the contemporary sublime and states of being. Tileston (b. Manila, Philippines) spent her childhood as an itinerant “Third Culture Kid”, living in the Philippines, India, England, and France, before moving to the US.  This intercultural mix and sense of belonging everywhere and nowhere has become the template for making abstract, visionary paintings. She has developed her own pictorial vocabulary and symbolism, a semiotics that incorporates references to an eclectic variety of sources:  geometric yantras, fragments of Ukiyo-e prints, fractals, digital photos, Chinese landscape, quantum physics, Western Romanticism, and patterns from around the world all feed the work.  Tileston creates hybrid, layered and contemplative spaces that explore ways to materialize the ephemeral through exuberant, grotesque, raucous, and baroquely differentiated forms...


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PRESS RELEASE: Kim Squaglia - Joyride opens in October

September 1, 2018 - Holly Johnson Gallery

Holly Johnson Gallery in Dallas is pleased to announce the opening of, JOYRIDE, an exhibition of new paintings by Kim Squaglia, a Sacramento based artist.  An opening reception for the artist will be held Saturday, October 13, from 5 to 8 pm. The exhibit continues through Friday, December 21, 2018.

Kim Squaglia’s paintings have a distinct sense of topography, created by a technique of separating multiple layers of paint between alternating coats of resin. The paintings span multiple historic references from Surrealism to midcentury modernism to dense patterned ornamentation. Delicately rendered biomorphic forms, webs, and tendrils create spaces with cavern-like depths or deep ocean trenches...


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PRESS RELEASE: Margo Sawyer Unveils New Installation at UHV

August 31, 2018 - University of Houston - Victoria

Visitors to the University of Houston-Victoria will be captivated by a new installation by internationally known artist Margo Sawyer. “Synchronicity of Color: Victoria” now hangs from the ceiling in the three-story high atrium of the University North building.

The artwork consists of seven hand-painted laminated glass elements suspended from the ceiling.  Positioning of the artwork adjacent to the staircase allows observers to experience the rich color, textured patterns, subtle movement and the contemplative nature of the artwork from varying perspectives.

 “They unite an array of complex and unexpected unions of color,” said Sawyer, a 2018 Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow. She describes it as “an optical color play, transparency, reflectivity, luminosity, physicality, materiality, perceptual, material and the psychological effects of color as a window into our emotions.”

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PRESS RELEASE: Dornith Doherty - Deluge at Holly Johnson Gallery

August 2, 2018 - Holly Johnson Gallery

Holly Johnson Gallery in Dallas is pleased to announce the opening of DELUGE, an exhibition of new photographs and hydrographs by Dornith Doherty. A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition and includes an essay by Irene Klaver, PhD (available mid-September). An opening reception for the artist will be held September 8th, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. The exhibition continues through Saturday, November 10, 2018...

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PRESS RELEASE: Dornith Doherty in "Endangered Species"

August 1, 2018 - Whatcom Museum

The Whatcom Museum presents Endangered Species: Artists on the Front Line of Biodiversity, an interdisciplinary exhibition featuring 80 works of art, from rare books to cutting edge video, that span the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. It opens September 8, 2018 in the Museum’s Lightcatcher building and closes January 6, 2019.

Offering a unique perspective of the critical work that artists are contributing toward natural science and environmental issues, this exhibition represents an international group of 60 artists who celebrate biodiversity's beauty, interpret natural and human-caused extinctions of plants and animals, and focus on species from diverse ecosystems under stress...

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ARTICLE: Dornith Doherty in PaperCity Magazine

July 20, 2018 - Catherine Anspon

The little-known-to-the-public Svalbard Global Seed Vault boasts the world's greatest repository of seeds. It was unvelied a decade ago - in the northernmost inhabited spot on Earth with an airport - and stores in its vaults an astounding 850,000 see varieteis culled from 5,000 core agricultural crop species. That's just 18 percent of the vault's capacity...

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REVIEW: James Lumsden in Visual Art Source

June 29, 2018 - John Zotos


James Lumsden impresses with a body of work that pushes the boundaries of painting itself. These abstract canvases in acrylic, executed between 2013-2017, represent a bold and adept vision whose sense of color and form are mature, captivating and full of feeling. Lumsden lives and works in Scotland and has exhibited internationally throughout North America and Europe. The paintings here range from small to medium in scale and are realized through an ordered aesthetic process wherein dozens of crystalline films of gloss medium and pigment are layered, pulled, and arranged over the surface...

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PRESS RELEASE: Dornith Doherty in "New Territory"

June 24, 2018 - Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum (DAM) proudly presents New Territory: Landscape Photography Today, a survey of contemporary landscape photography from around the world. The exhibition of more than 100 photographs will gauge how living artists stretch the boundaries of traditional landscape photography to reflect the environmental attitudes, perceptions and values of our time. The works in New Territory will depict landscapes in unexpected ways, challenging visitors to see photography differently. Organized by the DAM and curated by Eric Paddock, curator of photography, New Territory will be on view June 24, 2018 to Sept. 16, 2018....

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